What is it

According to Greek law, since 2003 several documents relevant to the Greek taxation system, such as an Invoices or retail Receipts, have to be electronically signed by a specific method (hardware + software system). The signature can later be used to verify document authenticity.

The signature is printed at the end of the document, along with a QR code, representing a verification URL.

TaxSpooler is the software needed to operate several document electronic signature machines in the Greek market, like all MAT Electronics machines, Casio ones, etc.

The system, in a simplified description, applies the SHA-1 algorithm to text contents of document submitted and constructs an electronic signature that is then printed along with a QR code and with the document itself submitted, so that the document can later be verified against this signature.

There are two ways of operation, according to Greek law:

  • Type A.
    An existing 3rd party application is not modified in any way. TaxSpooler is applied on top of this, gains control over the printing procedure, and acts accordingly, without interfering with the existing user application.
    TaxSpooler acts between the application and the printing device.
    However, in most cases, application is required to print through a windows virtual printer.
  • Type B.
    End user application communicates with TaxSpooler, using some of several predefined ways, providing document contents as clear text, also in some of several predefined ways, and gets back electronic signature to be printed, along with a URL to be encoded into a QR code.
    Application is responsible to print the electronic signature along with a QR code and with the document itself.

    Use of type B operational way gives the most efficient and powerful results.

Operating systems supported

TaxSpooler consists of a separate server and client programs.

TaxSpooler server can be installed on all Windows 32/64bit starting with Windows 7 and newer, or corresponding servers.

Clients requesting a document to be signed can be nearly of any Operating System, provided they can communicate with Windows somehow.
The recommended communication method is TCP/IP.

Among the tested Operating Systems, for client software, are: Digital Unix-64, IBM AS-400, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux (several variations), SCO Unix, SCO UnixWare.

Who is using TaxSpooler?

  • Some thousands of Greek companies.
  • TaxSpooler is the official solution of SAP Hellas.
  • TaxSpooler is the official solution of Oracle Hellas.
  • TaxSpooler is used on IBM systems, for both AS-400 and AIX systems.

I am a software developer. Which is the simplest way to communicate with TaxSpooler?

  1. You make an ascii file containing the pure text representation of the document you wish to get signed and then print. You should be able to open this file via a text editor, like vi in Unix systems or Notepad++ in Windows (native Notepad could do in Windows, but the file may not be seen very well, cause of the Unix NL instead of CR/NL used in DOS).
  2. You submit your ascii file to TaxSpooler through a TCP/IP request.
    • A DLL is provided for this reason for Windows.
      EXE files are also provided for several operating systems.
      C source code is also provided for other Operating Systems, for which a binary version is not available; you will need a C compiler for such a case.
    • The file might also contain Epson ESC/P sequences, as if it was ready to print on an Epson compatible printer.
      TaxSpooler will remove the ESC/P sequences in order to construct a pure text document.
    • You get back the electronic signature (as ascii), along a URL to be encoded into a QR code.
      Or TaxSpooler can directly print the document on a Windows printer.
  3. OR
    You submit your ascii file via a HTTP Post request.
    Due to the nature of this method, any operating system is supported, including but not limited to, Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, ...
    In most cases minimum programming effort is required too.

Learn more

To learn more about TaxSpooler, please visit our Greek pages.

Software is available to download and fully operable with virtual signing machine (EAFDSS).
You can fully test the software, with these virtual signing machines, without presence of the physical signing machine.
However, please keep in mind software interface is in the Greek Language, and you will also need Greek regional settings on the Windows site.